Rangers Shorts–October 4, 2015

By | October 4, 2015

Before I drive to Cromwell, Connecticut to catch the Hartford Wolf Pack’s final game of the pre-season, I wanted to put down a few thoughts about the goings on in the Rangers’ world since Wednesday.

First, as everyone already knows, Raphael Diaz and Jason Megna were waived on Friday, passed through yesterday and were assigned to the Wolf Pack. I don’t want to rehash what many others have said about the Rangers’ choices on who they kept on the NHL roster–the moves that were made were not unexpected–but what is interesting is the fact that it looks like more moves will be made in the coming days. The Rangers are right at the cap and this makes the organization very uncomfortable. If injuries occur, this could quickly become a problem.

Speaking of which, everyone was on the ice for yesterday’s practice except for Tanner Glass, who was scheduled for an MRI on the foot that he injured in Wednesday night’s pre-season game (the results have not yet been announced).

At the practice, JT Miller repeated the same shot from the same spot on the ice that was so impressive on Wednesday. For those who did not see it, watch the video. His release was amazing on the shot and completely fooled Boston’s goalie (Gustavsson) fooled. Well, yesterday, JT froze Hank too. Just beautiful.

Chris Kreider also impressed yesterday. Confident and hard working, he was showing what good hands he has–finishing on his forehand and backhand close in.

Now to my gaffe. I found out quickly yesterday how a tweet can create havoc. At the practice, Lundqvist lost his skate blade and had to be helped off the ice. I was watching Mats Zuccarello at the time and did not see exactly what happened–just Benoit Allaire helping Hank off the ice, with Lundqvist not putting any weight on his right leg. I tweeted what was happening on the ice (I did not speculate; just reported what I saw) and all heck broke loose. I quickly deleted the tweet, but not before I was swamped with questions. Lesson learned. No more tweets without more info.

Finally, as most of you already know, the Rangers’ trip to West Point, and the open practice on Monday, have been cancelled due to weather. When told, the team seemed really disappointed in not being able to go on this bonding trip. But the word is that the weather has just been too bad to make the trip. Instead, the team will be practicing Monday and Tuesday at the MSG training center, before flying off to Chicago for the season opener on Wednesday.

More tomorrow on the Wolf Pack game and then Monday’s practice.

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